Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer

Design and develop physical products for mass production. They use their knowledge of design principles, materials, and manufacturing processes to create functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing products that meet the needs of both the clients and end users. They use sketches, models, and computer-aided design tools to communicate ideas and iterate on the design. They work with other teams like engineers and marketers throughout the development process.

What they love about their jobs

Creative professionals talk about their favorite parts of their day.

Zach Deocadiz-Smith
“I love that I get to tackle problems that no one has tackled before - I get to experiment every day and hopefully see what I do change the future.”
Zach Deocadiz-Smith
Product Designer at WaveXR
Kenzie Mahoskey
“I love illustrating and I get to do it at work everyday!”
Kenzie Mahoskey
Brand Designer at F5
Kylie Rudder
“I love talking to users and finding out what they want from our products - seeing the solutions I designed come to life in a real app is exciting!”
Kylie Rudder
UX Designer at Virginia Tech
Katie Gribben
“I love the freedom to be creative, no day is the same.”
Katie Gribben
Graphic Designer at Deloitte
Sam Ryan
“I love being able to create and challenge brands. Good design has a big impact on brands, businesses, and people.”
Sam Ryan
Brand Designer at Alpha Digital

Where this is needed

The automotive industry is in a renaissance of electrification and design, demanding creative approaches to redefining for the public concepts like performance, fuel, and the America ideal of the open road.
Style is always evolving, and the industry doesn’t just need apparel and footwear designers. Magazine editors, writers, photoshoot producers, and many more roles are in demand.
Beauty and cosmetics live and breathe branding, and the industry needs creative leaders to make interesting, distinctive designs, campaigns and identities that connect with a wide range of customers.
The science industry is a vast and diverse field that encompasses research, development, and application in a wide range of disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.
Food & Beverage
It’s more than making things taste good; there’s brand-building, packaging design and advertising of all kinds in this massive global industry.
From broadcasting competitions to running individual teams and leagues, the sports industry is massive and becoming more global. Every kind of creative jobs exists here to amplify the incredible stories of athletes, teams and their fans.
Healthcare and health insurance brands offer a complex service which means creative leadership is required to differentiate and clarify a complicated and often stressful experience for the consumer.
The key to marketing is clear and persuasive storytelling, and that means writing, design, digital experiences, photography and a lot more that goes into bringing a brand’s value to its customers convincingly.
Health & Fitness
Health is a fast-growing and ever-evolving industry requiring creative minds to push the limit of digital experiences, apparel design, tech innovation, editorial planning and more.

Skills to thrive in this field

Helps create products that are comfortable and easy to use
Drawing Skills
Able to create detailed technical drawings and renderings of their designs
Come up with new and innovative designs that meet the requirements of the product
Clearly communicate their design ideas to clients, engineers, and other designers
Attention to Detail
Be thorough in all areas of your work to ensure it is completed optimally
Changing design trends, consumer preferences, and new technologies

Commonly used tools

For 2D and 3D technical drawings and models
Work management tool for teams to plan, organize and manage their work
Rhino 3D
Rhino 3D
Industrial-grade, 3D modeling software for architects, designers, and engineers
Presentation software for macOS and iOS
A communication platform for teams that enables real-time messaging, file sharing, and collaboration
A video conferencing platform that allows users to meet and collaborate remotely
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